Mamaway Bamboo Postpartum Recovery Support Belly Band Review

Mamaway Bamboo Postpartum Recovery Support Belly Band
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Best Home Products - I had both my daughters through C-Section and afterwards, I wore a belly band to help with the incision and on a side note, lessen the belly pouch, tighten stomach muscles and support my back. When I received the Mamaway postpartum belly band, I looked forward to trying it even though I'm not pregnant. It's nice to see if this is different from the ones I used before. Before I head on over to my review, here is a short description of the product from the company:

1. 12% Polyester, 48% Nylon, 20% Bamboo Charcoal, 20% Rubber
2. Wear right after birth. Can be used straight after birth to first help with uterus and pelvis recovery, then used to tighten the abdominal area as well as back support, as you will be bending down constantly to pick up your baby. Perfectly safe for both natural and c-section. Wide enough to be a corset, soft enough to be a wrap and strong enough to give you back support.
3. Triple Compression. Easy to use 3 step fastening feels secure and comfortably tight. Two extra compression belts to reinforce key recovery areas, giving you an immediate waist line.
4. Comfortably tight. You can wear it all day, everyday, even during sleep. Designed to bend, twist and move with your body and won't ride up, ever.
5. Incredibly stretchy. Breathable Bamboo fibres form a rigid yet flexible material enabling easy, natural movements. Accelerate recovery with added infer-red to improve blood circulation.
6. High quality, durable construction that will maintain its shape, wash after wash.

Mamaway Bamboo Postpartum Recovery Support Belly Band
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The Mamaway Postpartum Belly Band arrived neatly packed in a plastic casing. I would say that this product is much better than the one I've used 4 years ago because the material used is soft and smooth and yet it provides a lot of support on the belly. I noticed that it has an extra layer of band that adds more compression and helps the band to stay in place. This belly band from Mamaway provides double support not only to the belly but also my back. It is easy to wear and stretchy and can be adjusted for comfort. The material is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. It can easily be washed with no worries about the material because it maintains its shape and not easily wear off. I am so keeping this for my next baby.

You can purchase the Mamaway Bamboo Postpartum Recovery Support Belly Band HERE.
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