Pack of 6 Packaging Tape From Zitriom Review

Pack of 6 Packaging Tape From Zitriom
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When we send packages, I always look for a durable, effective packaging tape because I wouldn't want the contents of my package spilling out during shipment. So, I would often buy the more expensive ones before because of a bad experience with a cheap one. When I was offered to try the packaging tape from Zitriom, I grabbed the opportunity to try it. Before I head on over to my review, here is a quick product description from the company:

Ultra Sticky Tape - Made With Highest Quality Materials Available
- Packaging Tape with High Tech Film technology provides extra strength for package protection
- all-season Adhesive For Excellent Holding Power During Extreme Hot or Cold Temperatures

Pack of 6 Packaging Tape From Zitriom
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This packaging tape from Zitriom came in a pack of 6. It included 1 dispenser that has sharp edges and cuts the tape easily. The clear tape measures 1.9 inches wide and 55 yards/roll. Not bad for the price. The tape is a little bit thinner as compared to the other brand that I have at home but when I used it to pack a box, It did not differ from my other tape. It is also sticky and adhered to the box instantly thus securing the box from opening up or spilling the contents. It also did not rip or break easily like some tapes that I have encountered before. So far so good. I have not seen any problems with the packaging tape.

You can purchase the pack of 6 packaging tapes from Zitriom HERE.
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