CushionCare Wrist Rest Pad - Mouse Pad Included Review

CushionCare Wrist Rest Pad
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When I use often and for longer periods of time, I notice that my wrist would feel a bit rough and callused. Sometimes, my wrist would also feel a bit sore when I use the computer for an extended period of time. So, when I received the CushionCare Wrist Rest Pad, I looked forward to trying it.

CushionCare Wrist Rest Pad

I received the CushionCare Wrist Rest Pad in a box bundled with a Mouse Pad. The Wrist pad measures 18 x 3.3 x 0.4 inches and is made of quality memory foam that is soft and conforms to the weight of the hand/wrist.

CushionCare Wrist Rest Pad
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It does not deform and will always go back to its original shape even after hours of use. It provides cushion to my hand and wrist while typing thus reducing strain and also pain for prolonged computer use. It helps maintain the natural position/angle of the wrist while on the computer. It is comfortable to use in that the pad does not slide and stays in place thus keeping the hand and wrist also in the right position. I gave the mouse pad to my youngest brother and he is glad to have it because he plays games and is always in the computer. He said that the mouse pad also helps a lot in reducing wrist strain.

I like that both products are effective and I recommend it to anyone who uses the computer often.

You can purchase the CushionCare Wrist Rest Pad HERE.
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